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Bauer Vapor APX Shoulder Pads
Bauer Vapor APX Shoulder Pads
Personalized Fit System - Unsurpassed personalized fit characteristics, brining fit innovation to three distinct areas: Shoulder pad offers core body / bicep / shoulder cap adjustment, Shin guard allows adjustability of calf wrap, Anchor Strap 2.0 optimizes the fit profile of the elbow pad Vent Armor Composite - This second -generation Vent Armor Composite is the nest step in maintaining all the important impact properties that high-performance players while helping to eliminate weight by 25% vs. traditional 3mm HDPE Thermo Core + Liner - THERMO CORE+ is the most technical weave of material created by the BAUER R&D team to date. Moisture-wicking materials combined with Xylitol treatment to act as a cooling agent. Added anti-bacterial properties contribute to every detail the high-performance player demands - for light, dry, cool performance Value-Added Features - Whether optimizing weight or making the player feel secure., the VAPOR X:60 Under protective series covers every detail. Anchor Strap 2.0 on the Shin Guard and Elbow Pads, and Vent Armor Foam in key impact zones help the player feel secure in every game situation Specs Features: Protection: Lightweight Vent Armor / Composite Protection: - Shoulder Caps - Chest Plate - Spinal Plate Dual density arch protection Poly reinforced bicep guards Perforated foam panels for lightweight breathability Removable Extended Core Protection Fit / Mobility: VAPOR Free Flex system incorporating: - Free Flex Bicep - Free Flex Arch Protection Personalized Fit System: - Adjustable Core Body Protection - Adjustable Shoulder Caps - Adjustable Free Flex bicep guard Multi-segmented, multi-panel upper body design Vent Armor Foam Thermo Core + liner
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Price: £179.99

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